Hometown Heroes

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As we get close to the end of another school year, we think about our graduates who will be moving off, going to college or going to work. Too often these days we have a stereotypical mindset that believes those who move off and do well are the successes, and those who choose to stay here at home, are maybe not so successful. Why is that?  Too often we get it in our heads that a person who is doing just as well at home is not as big of a deal as a person who has made it big in the concrete jungle.

Well, here at the Tribune, we believe that staying at home, living the smalltown way of life, and contributing to society right where you grew up is just as important as moving off to the big city, and we would like to celebrate those who have done so.

So here is the deal. We want to hear from you about the hometown folks who could have moved off and hit it big, but chose not to. Those who live here, work here and contribute here. Those that stayed here after they hung up their varsity letter jacket and have been successful in their chosen field, right here on the blacktops and country roads of Northeast Texas.

All you have to do is let us know who they are. Send us a short paragraph nominating your favorite hometown hero and tell us a little bit about them. Your choice could be a school teacher, a business owner, a stay at home mom, or the guy who sells you your fishing bait. We will pick one each week and do a story on them, and maybe let our upcoming graduates and other folks know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with staying where you were born and raised, raising your kids at the same schools and ball fields that you played on, and enjoying the same way of life that we all choose to live today.

So how about it? Who is your Hometown Hero?

Email us at kmitchell@bowiecountynow.com and help us celebrate.


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