Prince promotes a message of empowerment to young girls

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By Allyson Pebsworth
Staff Reporter

Madison Prince, of Texarkana, Texas was recently crowned Miss Garland’s Outstanding Teen 2016. This summer, June 25 - July 2, 2016, Madison will be competing against 46 other Outstanding Teen title holders for the title of Miss Texas’ Outstanding Teen 2016.
Madison is a junior at Texas High who lives with her parents, Jamie and Ronny, and brother Aaron in Texarkana, with strong family roots in DeKalb.         Involved in countless extracurricular activities, Madison spends tirelesshours either dancing at Angela Davis School of Dance in DeKalb, which she has done for nine years, playing softball, teaching dance to three and four year olds, doing numerous volunteer projects, and so much more. Not your typical pageant girl, Madison loves dressing up, but also doesn’t mind getting dirty with her athletic skills.
After participating in pageants when she was a young girl, Madison decided to take a break from the pageant world when she continued to receive the first runner up title in every pageant she attended. With a push from 2014’s Miss Texarkana’s Outstanding Teen, Christina Davis, Madison decided to take another shot at the title.
Winning Overall Fitness and First Runner up yet again in the Miss Texarkana Pageant, Madison didn’t give up and went on to participate in the Miss DFW Pageant in which she received the same title. Not one to quit, Madison continued her goal for a crown by attending the Miss Mesquite Pageant where she won her current title of the 2016 Miss Garland’s Outstanding Teen.
Madison’s platform is one of empowerment called Pearls For Girls, where she offers pearls of wisdom to girls of any generation. This platform hits home for Madison and her passion for it shines as she dealt with insecurities during her younger years. She aims to empower girls to create powerful women. She believes that many times society is tough on girls and women to look a certain way or like the airbrushed images seen in the media.
“I want to show girls they are their own unique person and they have their own special type of beauty. Sometimes life is hard, but you have to stay positive about it and look forward to what God has planned for the future. God has some pretty amazing things planned.” Madison hopes that by empowering people to focus on their dreams, great things can be achieved.
While Pearls for Girls is geared toward young girls and women in general, Madison realizes that no matter what gender a person is, empowerment is a powerful aspect and she hopes to encourage all people with her outlook on life. After each talk she has with the young girls she is mentoring, she gives them a small box with an uplifting affirmation and pearl necklace in it, that way they can “See that pearl necklace and remember the time I talked to them and told them that they are worth more than pearls.”
Madison is excited for her upcoming adventure and says, “You will never see me not giving 110% in everything I do. I want to make Texarkana and the city of Garland really proud. I’m going to work my absolute hardest at Miss Texas.” Humbly stating, “It’s not all about the crown and the sash, it’s about what you’re willing to offer to your community and state. It’s not just looking pretty; it’s about what’s on the inside, what you are standing for.”
To keep up with Madison’s journey to Miss Texas and the Pearls for Girls platform, you can visit or look up pearls_for__girls on Instagram.

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