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By Allyson Pebsworth
Staff Reporter

Here lately I’ve been noticing an issue that’s been around a long time becoming more and more apparent in our area. Animal abuse, neglect, and abandonment; helpless animals all over the world are harmed intentionally and sometimes unintentionally everyday, but there have been several cases in our neighborhood lately that can make even the toughest person’s stomach turn.
The cruelty and inhumanity that some people show for their “pets” is simply appalling and sickening. I have three furbabies at home and could not even imagine treating them the way some people treat their, or other people’s, animals. Whether it is not giving the animals food and water or beating them with sticks “just because”, no animal deserves to be treated like a piece of disposable trash.
Yes, this is an ongoing battle where the animals come out on the losing end every time, and even though there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight there is no reason not to try and stop the suffering.
Usually all the animals need is some love; I’ve come across some animals recently that if they were appropriately cared for would be great companions for the right family. I spoil my pets ridiculously, they seriously live better than some people I know, but even if an owner just doesn’t straight neglect or abuse the animal, they can really add a special part to your life.
There are several non-profit humane organizations in our area that care for adoptable animals until they can find their “furever” homes; a few include Animal Care & Adoption Center of Texarkana, Texarkana Animal League, Jeff Tarpley Rescue, Inc., and Passion for Pooches. If you can’t adopt a new furbaby, there are several other ways you can help the shelters and the animals they care for. Sponsoring animals and their care, donations, and even volunteering can support the animals that need a little extra TLC. Adopt don’t shop people!


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