Andrea Barfield-Deep roots, hard work, and a lot of class

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By Kenny Mitchell

In Texas, farming and ranching are king. They are a staple to our way of life just as much as chicken fried steak and sweet tea. Nowadays though, there is a whole new look to farming and ranching. This is not your great-grandpa’s farm where the men and the boys worked the cattle and ran the tractor back and forth down the rows and the women kept the little ones and rang the dinner bell.
No one says that better than New Boston’s Andrea Barfield. A 2000 graduate of New Boston High School, she says it was a little thing called algebra that kept her from earning a college degree.
Andrea works the family business every day. Barfield Enterprises is an area scrap metal processing and mill service company, but as most everybody around here knows, Andrea is kinda fond of her time spent tending to cattle. She also works at Mitchell Herefords handling the feeding and taking care of the cattle daily, and you don’t have to know her very well to know that the cattle she cares for are much more than just a side of beef. And when it comes to the cattle, or the family business, volunteering hundreds of hours for the local FFA and 4-H, or anything else Andrea might do, she is all in.
Andrea says that work ethic comes from an inner drive. An inner drive that she believes was passed down to her from her grandfather, James Barfield. She notes, “If I half ass something I have this nagging feeling until I make it right.”  
She says of her grandfather, “My grandfather James Barfield was a huge inspiration to me as well until he passed away. He would always tell me ‘there ain’t no such word as can’t’ and ‘always remember where you came from’. He took care of all of us and now looking back I see how stressful that must have been, but he never let that show. I went to work at BEI at the age of 16 and he was my boss until I was 30, when he passed.  He taught me more by actions alone than he would have ever known.”
Making her grandfather proud has always been important to Andrea, with her even saying, “If I could go back and do anything different, I would either have a body double or pay someone to complete college algebra for me because I know graduating college would have made my grandfather really proud.”
Being proud of being a Barfield goes back a long way in New Boston, as the family’s lineage takes them all the way back to being some of the first to settle the area, along with the Collums, but Andrea chimes, “But that’s a whole ‘nother story for my Aunt Melda to tell.”
Barfield also credits Lance Mitchell for being a huge inspiration, stating, “His work ethic, drive and love for his family is undeniable. I appreciate everything he has done with and for me since we met.”
As for other inspirations, Andrea is quick to point out that her cousin, Denise McDaniel, is one of the strongest people she knows. She says, “She handles multiple companies and makes it look easy, although every decision she makes is with much consideration and thought for all involved. There are more too, but she is the first that comes to mind, as she is like a second mother to me.”
Her good friend Samantha Morgan says, “Andrea is an exceptional woman. She is a positive role model in our community. She teaches our younger generation, by example, how to be a successful, independent yet humble adult. This is so important, in our day and time, that children, especially young ladies, learn how to be hard workers and still have class. To know Andrea is to love her, and I am proud to say I do both.”
With so much going on, the future is sure to be full for Andrea and she hopes that the family business continues to grow and that all of those in farming and ranching are blessed with a better cattle market down the long, winding road of that is the way of life for those who live the life that is the backbone of our country.
It is a sure bet that she has a good possibility of making that happen, as she keeps her eyes on the one who makes it happen, by always thanking God for her successes, “because without Him, none of this would be possible.”


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