Brandi Gray-A Phenomenal Woman with a heart for God

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By Kenny Mitchell

Being a correctional officer is never easy. Being a woman in that environment is really tough, But Brandy Gray, of DeKalb, gets her job done by being firm, fair and consistent every time she steps behind the gates. It is a job she has done now for the State of Texas for sixteen years.
She says, “My main duties consist of keeping the convicted felons safe behind the prison walls until their prison term ends or they are paroled out.”
Brandi is a 37 year old correctional officer who is motivated by her family and her kids to excel every day at all that she does. Married to her husband Dewayne Gray for 18 plus years, the couple has three children, Astonai, a student at Alabama A&M, Dewayne Jr, a junior at DeKalb High, and Anijah, a 6th grader at DeKalb Middle School.
Brandi says she is inspired in life by poet Maya Angelou, who she says “has always been a person that has inspired me since I was a little girl. Her life of many trials and triumphs inspire me that I can to also rise above any changes that come my way, not only in my family, but in the career that I have chosen. Her poem, The Phenomenal Woman, is my favorite because I do not look like what I’ve been through along this journey God created me for.”
Brandi states she would not change a thing about her life, noting, “I am very thankful to what God has given me and the life lessons learned along my journeys. There will be more tests along the way, but it makes my testimony that much stronger. God gave me my career and journey for a reason.”
Gray does have plans for the future though, as she will go back to school soon to pursue a degree in nursing.
It is a sure thing that no matter what Brandi does, God will lead the way for her, as she says, “I thank God first and foremost, along with my family, for their support of my success.”


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