Christal Prince-Working to find a cure and loving it

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By Allyson Pebsworth
Staff Reporter

Working to help find a cancer cure one day and event at a time, Christal Prince has been working hard as the Community Manager for the American Cancer Society for the past five years.
Living in Bowie County practically her whole life, Christal has a deep love and appreciation for the communities she serves. After residing in Memphis for a short time, she decided to make the move back to Texarkana and begin what she calls her, “Dream job at the time.”
Training all her life for this adventure, she owned five dance studios in the area for over 23 years. She later turned the business over to teachers that she had formally trained, leaving her students in experienced hands and allowing herself to take a break. About ten years later, Christal began looking for a new adventure.
She stated her father always told her, “‘Find something you love to do and you’ll never go to work a single day in your life.’ I truly believe in that!”
During her 10 year “break”, Christal found herself volunteering with several agencies including the Texarkana Regional Arts Center. Asking herself “What can I do that I know and that I love. How can I reinvent my life?”
Taking that question and running with it, Christal took her volunteer experience and used it to find her current position with the American Cancer Society in Income Development, or fundraising. Starting out in seven counties in Texas doing Relay for Life events, she is now in charge of orchestrating Relay for Life events in Bowie County and Red River County, as well as the Cattle Barons Ball, Couture for a Cure (style show) in Texarkana, and new this year is Cattleman for the Cure (cattle auction).
Relay for Life events happen in the spring and the other fundraisers take place in the fall, giving Christal only a couple months a year of down time, but she states, “This is a second instance where I’ve taken a passion and used it and I love my work.”
Although she loves doing office work, Christal says her favorite part about her position is working with the many volunteers that she has the opportunity to meet through these events. “Not only have I worked with great volunteers, many of them become my friends.”
Enjoying putting on the big productions, Christal says it all boils down to finding a cure for cancer. She believes, “There is not hardly anyone that you can speak to or work with that has not been touched by cancer and part of the work the American Cancer Society does is, we’re the second largest funder of research grants. Second only to the United States Government.”
In her five years of working with the ACS, she has seen research taking monumental strides in helping those who suffer from all types of cancer. Christal stated, “I have seen people survive cancer now that would not have seven or eight years ago because of the research developments.”
She is a strong believer in the work done by ACS and offers a invitation for anyone and everyone who would like to volunteer in any way to do so.


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