Tribune 2017 Movers and Shakers-David Thomas

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By Kenny Mitchell

Publisher’s Note:
The Bowie County Citizens Tribune held its first ever Person of the Year feature this year, taking nominations in three categories over a period of two weeks and then accepting votes on our website at Several thousand votes were cast and the three top vote recipients will be featured over the next three weeks. This week we have the Movers and Shakers top vote recipient-David Thomas.

David Thomas has not lived in Bowie County very long, in fact, less than a year, but in his short tenure, he has accomplished much and made an impact on many lives.
Whether it be working at his Texarkana job, or working horses at the rodeo arena in DeKalb, Thomas leads a very active life and one that has come to touch lives young and old, and created new futures for area young people struggling to find their place in this world.
Born the son of Lorrie Thomas and Jeff Thomas in Fairlea, West Virginia, Thomas grew up with two siblings, twin brother Robert and sister Bethany, and from an early age learned the importance of family.
Perhaps it is the strong ties to family that drive him  in his efforts at CASA-Texarkana.
After graduating from Greenbrier West High School and a stint as a Health and Physical Education major at Fairmont State, Thomas returned home and spent the next couple of years working in a chiropractor’s office. It was after he got laid off from that office that he headed to Texas.
Less than a year ago, in May of 2016, Thomas found himself working for Kyle Barrett at Sticks and Stones on the Boulevard in Texarkana. But, it was last September that he found his calling at CASA-Texarkana, and that is when his life changed focus.
At CASA, Thomas works some cases, but spends the bulk of his time and focus as a Volunteer Recruiter. In that capacity, his goal is to help as many lives as he can by finding people in the area to work with young people in need.According to the organizations mission statement, CASA for Children strives to provide Hope, Healing, and Justice by Advocating for abused and neglected children through comprehensive services at the Texarkana Children’s Advocacy Center, Family Matters and Court Appointed Special Advocates.
He says, “Whether it be a parent in need of guidance or a child needing protection, the children are my top priority, and hopefully, I can help both. I’m always going to try and do that. My goal is to get as many volunteers this year as I can get.”
Thomas also has a love for horses, and spends as many hours as he can working with them and training them for a variety of purposes.
Kyle Barrett says of Thomas, “David is somebody that makes everyone feel like they are somebody special. He cares for those in need no matter what that need may be. God places special people in all of our lives when he sees they can help to deliver answered prayers. David’s love for children and desire to make their lives better is amazing. He lives his life to be kind to others because you never know the battles they are fighting inside. Congratulations to David on this honor. There couldn’t be anyone more deserving.”


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