Vyve Takes Giving An Apple To Your Teacher To A Whole New Level – Launches Vyve Teacher Of The Month Program

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Vyve Program Recognizes New Boston, DeKalb, Hooks and Maud’s Outstanding Teachers Each Month

New Boston, TX (March 9, 2017)We know New Boston, DeKalb, Hooks and Maud have great teachers. Now who can tell us how great?  Beginning this week, Vyve is launching its Vyve Teacher of the Month program that will recognize each community’s exceptional teachers.


Here’s how it works. Anyone in the community can vote for a teacher they feel is exemplary for Vyve Teacher of the Month.  Do you know teachers who go above and beyond, are committed to their students and to their community, and who make their schools better – then get to voting!  Each month Vyve will honor those teachers who have proven to be champions of the classroom and stewards of the community through their teaching, mentoring and leadership. The teacher with the most votes community wide each month, will be named Vyve Teacher of the Month.


As a commitment to bringing technology to schools, each winner will not only receive a prestigious Vyve Teacher of the Month engraved apple, but will be entered to win an iPad for their classroom. Vyve will celebrate each winner with a classroom presentation, via social media, newspaper and radio, and Vyve’s website.


To vote, look for a link to our voting ballot on Vyve’s Facebook page. Polls will be open for the first three weeks of each month so there is plenty of time to “get the vote out” for your favorite teacher. Teachers from any New Boston, DeKalb, Hooks or Maud schools are eligible for Vyve Teacher of the Month.


“We’re launching the Vyve Teacher of the Month program to celebrate those teachers who make a real difference in our communities,” said Jeffrey DeMond, chief executive officer for Vyve Broadband. “We encourage everyone to vote, and help us recognize the outstanding educators and mentors in New Boston, DeKalb, Hooks and Maud.”


To learn more about Vyve Teacher of the Month, visit www.VyveBroadband.com/Teacher.

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