A week of learning at Little Rascals Daycare

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By Kenny Mitchell

Little Rascals Daycare hosted a series of educational career days last week with special guests that included firemen from the DeKalb Volunteer Fire Department, Deputy Swift from the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office, Bowie County Constable George Huggins, and local dentist office owner Terri Hodges.
All of the speakers talked to the children about the importance of community and safety, and Hodges covered not only how to take care of yourself physically, but spiritually and academically as well.
Hodges read from Dr. Suess’, The Tooth Book, and explained how many baby teeth we get,(20) how many adult teeth we get (32), the importance of brushing after eating sugar, and the instruments the dentist uses when looking in our mouth. He’s our friend.
Hodges took the lesson a little deeper when talking about our spiritual needs. She stated, “We need to love God and love other people.” In this area of her talk she the year of 1999, when she lost both of her parents and they lost their dental clinic in the tornado. She said, “Our precious son Blair, I had to trust to Samantha Morgan at daycare after school while I worked. There was no one else. My trust in God grew, and my love and appreciation for others grew as well. So always, be kind, say Please and Thank You, and spend time building relationships in your community. Always be ready to help others.”
Hodges then discussed the importance of academics and urged the kids to take as many math and science class as possible. She stated, “Never let someone tell you, YOU CAN”T do math or science, because you can do anything you set your mind to do. Every job of the future, even if you don’t go to college, is going to require knowledge of math and science. Study hard, and take advantage of all that is offered.”
She ended with telling them what a great time she had talking with them, and gave each one a goodie bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, candy, and a children’s Christian tract.
Hodges noted, “Sam does a great job owning this daycare. As I was leaving, I heard one of the teachers saying, ‘Now’ let’s bow our heads and pray before we go eat lunch.’
It was a week filled with learning of all kinds for the children and staff at Little Rascals Daycare.

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