New Boston Police Chief fired

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Lack of confidence vote was unanimous from City Council


By Heather Russell

Staff Reporter


A cheer arose from yet another standing-room-only crowd in the New Boston City Council chambers when the New Boston City Council voted unanimously at today’s special meeting to terminate Chief of Police Tony King.  After the meeting was called to order, the council immediately recessed into executive session to discuss the future of the embattled police chief, who has come under fire from many in the community since he fired Lieutenant Johnny Millwood on March 9, then refused multiple orders from the council to reinstate him.  After less than ten minutes in executive session, the council returned and Councilman Joe Dike made a motion to dismiss the Chief, stating,  “I’d like to make a motion to dismiss the Chief on lack of confidence.  We have given him several orders regarding Millwood’s F-5,.… he wouldn’t do it the first time.  We told him the second time to clarify what we wanted done and he wouldn’t do it again, and I have lost all confidence in him(King) and his ability to follow our orders, so I make a motion to terminate Tony King.”  The motion was seconded by Councilman Richard Ellis, and all five councilmen voted in favor of the motion.  In an additional motion by Dike, the council voted unanimously to appoint current NBPD Lieutenant Gary McCrary as interim Police Chief, and raise his salary to reflect the new position.  Councilman Dike requested that McCrary maintain this position until any applicants for the Chief of Police position be “thoroughly vetted.”


See the full story, with reactions from council members in next week’s Tribune.


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