Central Dispatch needs to happen in New Boston

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It doesn’t take a genius or a rocket scientist to figure out that being a law enforcement officer in our country today is one of the hardest jobs around.

I mean, how many out there besides our police, firefighters, and military put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve, for a lot less money than they should earn, and often, for very little thanks.

So, it seems to me that anything we the people could do to make their lives easier would be not only a good thing, but the right thing to do. Right?

Well, as the dust starts to settle on the Tony King issue, I personally believe it is way past time that New Boston city leaders got on the ball and switched New Boston over to Central Dispatch, joining every other law enforcement agency in Bowie County.

It is a no-brainer. Common sense.

The only thing keeping it from happening in the past was King. Now that he is gone, let’s get it done.

Think about being an officer in this county, either a BCSO deputy or a city cop, and how much trouble it would be having to switch your radio back and forth from Central Dispatch to New Boston dispatch, while you are chasing a fugitive, or looking for a missing child, or trying to affect a drug bust.

If memory serves, there was a recent chase and search where officers were unable to find the suspect. How much of the blame for that falls on multiple agencies trying to work together but having to switch their radios back and forth.

Bottom line is time lost or efficacy problems can be directly blamed on New Boston PD not being on Central Dispatch.

Now, I am just not talking without having some intel. Officers from all over the county have been voicing their opinion on this subject for a long time, and officers within the New Boston PD have as well, although doing it on the QT so as not to come under fire from the former chief. The move to Central Dispatch would make the NBPD more efficient and more cohesive with the rest of Bowie County. Interim Chief McCrary has been around Bowie County as a law enforcement officer for a long time. He knows firsthand what difficulties come with New Boston not using Central Dispatch.

Plus, the savings to New Boston city coffers would be huge. Thousands of dollars would be saved with the simple decision of going to Central Dispatch, a unit that is filled with the highest quality of personnel.

New Boston is a good place to live. The business climate is starting to blossom with new businesses coming in on a regular basis. More are coming. The schools are filled with hard working teachers. The community is home to churches that are active with ministries like Kid’s Beach Club, Bible Drill and VBS for the little ones and concerts and activities for all ages.

Tomorrow there will be a National Day of Prayer observance at Trail Head Park. It starts at noon. How about we have the same turnout for that as we have had at the last few city council meetings? Why not show that you care as much about our city, county, state and nation as you do about the turmoil at City Hall.

We all have a voice. Let it be heard. Tomorrow we have the chance to lift our voices to one that can truly bring real peace. And we can also let the City Council hear our voices on what is best for New Boston, Central Dispatch included.

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