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Everybody at some time or another has seen the yard with the big sign out on the fence that says “beware of dog” or something similar. That kind of sign is meant to give you pause and consider whether or not you want to enter the gate or continue doing whatever it is you are doing.
There is a watch dog around. He is a gentle pup that pretty much loves everybody. He wags his tail and barks that happy bark most of the time, but if you threaten his master, he can become a snarling menace to be wary of and watched.
The watch dog around here is not a mean dog, nor is he a ferocious animal hell bent on biting anyone. But again, if provoked, he can turn that friendly bark into a growl.
Now, I may be sounding a bit confusing or you might be tiring of my metaphorical offering, but there really is a watch dog around Bowie County, and that watch dog is you and me.
He is the everyday citizen, the man on the street, the woman on the job, the high school kid, the college student and every age group otherwise. 
We the people, have an obligation to be that watch dog. We are to call out wrong when we see it and make it known. Whether the wrong be at City Hall, the local school district, the business down the street, or a bad guy in the neighborhood, we have that responsibility.
For far too long and way too much, we seem to have gotten away from that and opted to turn a blind eye on all of the wrongs in our neighborhood.
The Tribune is a watch dog too and we are keeping a closer eye on our “yard” these days. There are things going on around us that need to brought into the light and “barked at” and we are going to do so.
The time for looking the other way is over and should be for all of us. 
We live in a great place. Bowie County and Northeast Texas can be fairly considered to be the heartland of our country and we should be proud of that moniker. There are good people here. We have communities that stand together when things are tough. We help out our neighbors when a house burns down, or a dog gets lost, or when a loved one dies. We are the ones that bake the pies for funeral dinners, make sure our kids go to VBS, help a neighbor when they are sick and pray when we are asked.
We really are the heartland.
But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t times when the watch dog needs to growl.
Some of the mess going on at New Boston City Hall needed to be growled at, and we did. The wrongdoings in Maud needed a strong bark, and got one. And, things got done when enough people were growling.
Here at the Tribune, we like to think we have a duty to be a voice of the community. I want us to be that, and we will, and I hope that you will stand along side and growl with us when the need is there.
We also want to be the happy dog wagging our tail and barking joyfully when we have folks that are making the world a better place for all of us. Luckily, we have so many reasons every week that we get to do that as we applaud all of the good things going on around here. You can help us do that too.
This summer, if your kids do something extraordinary, send it to us and let us share it with our readers. If your neighbor does some special random act of kindness, please let us know and we will share that too. As always, we will continue to share the good stuff of living in the heartland and we will celebrate along with you as our school kids do great things, our city leaders make life better for us, and the everyday joe does something that he/she deserves a pat on the back for doing.
We are so blessed to be here and call all of you our neighbors. We love being a voice of the community, and we will be the barking dog when we need to be.
If you have something you want to see in the paper, please send it to me. My email is 
Or, you can call me at 903-933-1745. That is my personal cell phone number and if you ain’t a telemarketer, I will be happy to talk to you anytime. Or if you like, come by the office and see us.
We really love being community news, for the world you live in. Just mind the sign on the fence. 

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