Winning with Whitt October 24, 2018

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Well, I think I know what the stories of this football season are going to be.  I know, I know, the season isn’t over, and anything could happen.  I agree, but I see some stories  emerging this season so far that I believe will be what we will remember about the 2018 football season.

First, in the NFL I see several stories happening.  One is the Dallas Cowboys.  This team is not good.  They show flashes of greatness every once in a while, but they aren’t consistently good.  If anything they are consistently bad.  How much more of this can Jerry Jones take before he makes some major changes?  Only time will tell.  Honestly though, there are a dozen teams in the NFL this season that aren’t meeting expectations.  The story of this NFL season is young quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.  This quarterback is not a one hit wonder.  He’s making everyone take notice this season with 22 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions.  This Tyler, Texas native is making all the analysts believe that we are seeing someone that will fit into the same category with the likes of QB’s like Elway, Marino, and Favre.  He’s good no doubt, but this sounds a little familiar.  Didn’t these same analysts say RG3 was going to be the next great quarterback?  Yes, I think they did, but this time even I’m jumping on this bandwagon.  Mahomes is different.  He’s got the accuracy of Rodgers and the grit of Favre.  If he can stay healthy I think we are seeing the beginning of greatness.
In college football this season it’s the story of one player and one game.  The player is sophomore quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.  This Alabama quarterback is turning a great team into a legendary team.  Listen to these stats:  Tua has attempted 152 passes this season and completed 107(63% completion).  He’s thrown for 25 touchdowns in 8 games with 0 interceptions.  Ya’ll this isn’t just great this is historical.  At the current rate, this quarterback could go down as having the best single season in college football history.  
The other story in college football is a game.  The Purdue vs. Ohio State game from last week.  Looking at that game before it was played I was confident that Ohio State would beat the Boilermakers handily.  When the game was over though Purdue not only won, but they won by 29.  Purdue played a flawless game.  In fact I felt like I was watching a reality version of Angels in the Outfield.  I don’t think Purdue has ever played this well, and I’m not sure they will ever do it again.  The stars were aligned, and something miraculous happened.  As awesome as that was though, the real story is the story of Tyler Trent.  Trent is a sophomore at Purdue that was diagnosed with bone cancer about a year ago.  He’s fighting for his life, and Purdue has rallied around him.  Trent called for a Purdue win, and was at the game.  Watch the ESPN article on Tyler’s story, and then watch the game footage of him at the game.  It’s incredible!
Locally, I think the story of the year is James Bowie Pirates.  At the beginning of this season, no one outside of Simms thought the Pirates would win a game, let alone having a winning record right now.  They have beaten some great teams, and now a team that was picked last in their district is looking like a playoff team.  The credit goes to coach Eddy May, the coaching staff, and the players.  If you haven’t watched them play go out this Friday night to Simms and watch them play rival Maud.  

The season isn’t over, and I’m sure we’ll see some exciting stories emerge in the next few weeks, that’s why football is the best game in the world.

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